Gone are the days where finding friends to play the dramatic tabletop roleplaying game of Dungeons & Dragons once a week could lead to you being grounded for Satanism. After the explosive success of Critical Role, the fastest growing D&D twitch channel of all time, more and more TTRPG streamers have taken to twitch and other platforms to share their at-home stories with the rest of the world.

Who knew that watching a bunch of strangers make stories up in their heads and describe it for us for 4 hours each week could be so entertaining?

So without further ado, to celebrate our new line of D&D merch, we announce some of our favourite other D&D twitch streamers we think are on the rise!

Dungeon Dudes

The Dungeon Dudes are incredibly successful on YouTube, sharing awesome guides, DM tips, book reviews and more for Dungeons and Dragons 5e! They also stream ‘Drakkenheim’ on twitch every Tuesday and post new episodes on YouTube every Thursday! 

The Welcome Inn

The Welcome Inn is a collaborative channel where D&D content creators can come together and share projects and content to a single audience. With stunning graphics, professional approach and awesome gameplay, what began as a single broadcast campaign has quickly become a community of creators working together to provide awesome D&D content.


They rolled a low initiative but now it’s their turn and they’re ready to play.

Based out of Canada, they decided to bring their at-home high level campaign online to share with everyone on YouTube… mostly due to the dreaded pandemic, and we couldn’t be happier!
This team put a lot of heart into their stream and the DM couples scenes with incredible atmospheric music and chilling sound effects.


Okay, we’ve got to admit we’re hyped for this one. This party is hosting a D&D charity livestream called ‘The Veil Divide’ on May 1st 2021 including 2 DMs and 10 players! There will be a treasure trove of giveaways and they already have some amazing sponsors including D&D Beyond and Wyrmwood Gaming!

The Dungeon Master’s Diary 

...Is now home to The Arcanum.

‘The Arcanum has stood for 6,000 years, students and initiates through every age have risen through the ranks to ensure the longevity of our institution and for the first time I have doubt…’

This new campaign grabbed our attention over on Tiktok and they've just posted their first session. The DM is an expert cartographer and designer so we know we are in for a creative campaign!

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