Rob Raven Multi Use Morf Face Covering 'Summon Fenton'

Rob Raven Multi Use Morf Face Covering 'Summon Fenton'

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'Summon Fenton'
Very little is known about summoning the demi god Fenton except for those who already know.
Many pirates have attempted the ritual but very few have lived to tell the tale.
Some say the ritual sucks the life force from the one performing it while many have been called mad for their sudden obsession of Pineapples.

This multi-functional snood covering can be used for general wear as a bandanna, headband, neck warmer or works perfect to act as a face covering in the fight against Covid-19. Practical doesn't have to be boring when you can have a stylish accessory to go with every outfit!

Material: 100% polyester microfibre.

  • Breathable fabric.
  • Seam free for comfort.
  • Machine washable/non iron.
  • Multi-purpose use.